The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale

I recently researched the Mexican liquor mezcal for a story, and I decided to head to The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale to try some out.


The Mission is a gorgeous, dimly lit restaurant with chandeliers all over. It’s beautiful, relaxing and definitely quiet enough where you can enjoy conversation. The crowd was just as stunning as any you’d see in an Old Town nightclub, too.

Besides the tasty mezcal I tried (lick some Tabasco off your hand before you sip it—trust me, it’s great), I also loved The Mission’s sangria, which was super-sweet.

There were not that many vegetarian options. I started off with a bowl of the gazpacho, which was chunk-free and had the perfect amount of spice to it. If you’ve never had the cold soup before, I highly recommend it here.

For dinner, I got the corn gorditas, which is normally an appetizer and definitely was not filling enough for a meal. The mini-corn tortillas were topped with veggies, and while tasty, the portion was meager. Next time, I’ll try the veggie tacos.

The restaurant’s moderately priced, and even though the food left me wanting more, the chic atmosphere really stands out in Old Town and was ultra-romantic.

5 thoughts on “The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale

  1. Hi Nicki!

    I’m moving to Arizona at the end of this month from Washington, DC. I know absolutely nothing about the area, so thanks so much for providing this awesome blog!

    I do some writing here in DC myself (for DailyCandy) so I’m hoping to find my niche in AZ.

    Thanks for all the awesome tips!


  2. I liked the review, but I am a carnivore. Does your significant other eat meat? I would like to hear more about the menu @ The Mission.

  3. Thanks for reading, Bradley! My s.o. does eat meat. He said the food was great….he had the tacos, which he really liked. We both loved the cocktails. Hopefully I will be back soon and can add some more meat-minded tidbits.

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