MADCAP Theater brings live performances to Mill Avenue

Last week, after an awesome dinner at La Bocca Pizzeria on Mill Avenue, I headed across the street to check out MADCAP Theater.

One of my favorite local bands, What Laura Says, was playing that night, and there was also a Black Pearl Poetry and music open mike (which goes down there every Thursday at 8 p.m.)


The venue is a former Harkins Theatres that is now available for the public to rent for performances, conferences, rehearsals, etc. It’s been open since June and also sells food and drinks.

I love the idea of having a live performance art venue on Mill Avenue, and I’m also excited that Rocky Horror Picture Show by AZ Rocky and B-movies shown by the Midnite Movie Mamacita also take place here–AZ Rocky has their debut September 18 with a shadow cast of the movie and REPO! The Genetic Opera.


I justĀ hope the venue can thrive. Hopefully people will get excited as I am about more live art in the Valley and get out and see something.

There are events at the theater every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so check out for more info.

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