Stuffing my face

Yum, yum, yum. I went to two delish eateries in Phoenix yesterday for the first time, and it was definitely a day of happy eating.

For lunch, my pal and I hit up America’s Taco Shop, the self-proclaimed “home of the greatest carne asada in the Valley!”


Its menu is small, but that doesn’t mean it disappoints. Choose from items such as tortas, quesadilla and tacos, and be sure to pair it with the great chips and perfectly spicy salsa, at a cheap $1.50 a basket.


I ordered a vegetarian extra-large bean and cheese burrito, and I was really impressed with how ooey-gooey the bean/cheese mixture was and how flaky the flour tortilla was. It was the perfect lunch portion and filled me up without bogging me down.

My pal ordered the carne asada taco, which he said was excellent as always.


The spot’s super-casual, really fast and has a patio to sit on, making it a great fall lunch spot full of tasty comfort food.

For dinner, I checked out Postino on Central, with an identical menu to the Arcadia neighborhood restaurant.


There are many other similarities–complimentary valet parking, dim lighting and a wait on any night of the week.

I ordered a meat-free Nine Iron panini, with mozzarella, tomato, lettuce and dijonnaise, with a bowl of potato cheddar soup ($9.50). The soup changes daily, but if this one’s offered, ORDER IT! It was amazing.

Besides the delicious food, Postino features an extensive wine list and is the perfect place for a date or to chat it up with friends.

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