More hot men with mustaches–this time, it’s Matt Damon in ‘The Informant!’

Matt Damon with a mustache–it’s as scary as you may think.


The frightening facial hair is on full display in his new movie, The Informat! Damon plays Mark Whitacre in this based-on-reality movie, chronicling Whitacre’s involvment with the FBI in a case against the company he works for. Whitacre’s a whistleblower with his own agenda, which includes scoring some excitement in his mundane everyday life.

The movie has many humorous moments and is a departure from what we’re used to from Damon. Of course, Damon gaining 35 pounds to play the character probably has helped him garner Oscar buzz, but he also is in one of his funniest roles yet. His character’s clueless-yet-snakytdemeanor is entertaining, even though you’ll end up hating the guy.

The movie’s complex and requires a lot of focus to follow, so see it with a clear head. It’s really cool to watch the true case unfold, and though the ‘stache really creeps me out, Damon was a lot of fun to watch.


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  1. Matt Damon played Mark Whitacre on The Informant and he wore a mustache for it. Along with Ruffalo,Harmon and Hamill,I’m one of the Marks who has a mustache. Do the other Marks has one?

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