Oh-so-tasty Radio Milano really fills you up

Last night, I had a delicious meal at the hip Radio Milano in the Arcadia neighborhood. The small restaurant has soft lighting, comfy, couch-like seating and a cool open kitchen that gives it a modern feel.


The food and cocktails were amazing, and there are so many more things I’m stoked to try when I go back.


For drinks, I tried the Screaming Monkey ($8), a mix of cranberry, lemon and orange juices and Grey Goose orange vodka. The kicker was the addition of serrano chile peppers, which gave the drink an interesting taste of heat juxtaposed with the citrusy flavor from the orange juice. It definitely was a bonafide desert drink.

I also tried the Ginger Press ($9), made with ginger-infused simple syrup. The ginger was potent, so, if you’re a fan, it’s a must-try.

My favorite cocktail was the Pom 40 ($9), a refreshing mix of pomegranate juice, vodka and liquer. It was super-sweet and didn’t taste like alcohol at all.

The best part of the cocktails was that, after 9 p.m., they’re half-off.

For dinner, I munched on gnocchi ($8), made with corn and spinach. The portion was generous, and it really filled me up. This was also the crispiest gnocchi I’ve had, and that gave the dish an interesting texture.


I also had a caprese salad ($9), and the soft mozzarella was some of the best I’ve ever had.


Rumor has it, the restaurant’s opening up a patio and will soon have lunch hours. That should help to give diners in the area another option besides waiting forever for food at the always-packed La Grande Orange during lunch time.