‘Saw VI’ makes me sick


OK, so I highly doubt anyone would go to see a Saw movie not knowing what they’re getting themselves into. The serial killer movie franchise is known for its outrageous, gross-out scenes, which are some of the most gruesome in horror films today.

My first encouter with Saw was going to see Saw II, because I was reviewing it. I grabbed onto the arm of the stranger next to me the whole time…hopefully, he didn’t mind.

Since then, I’ve seen the first and third movies and met the director of the second through fourth films, Darren Lynn Bousman.

I don’t really enjoy the movies, but that perverse side of me is always curious, I guess. So, this weekend, I went to see Saw VI, since I wanted to get scared for Halloween.

I actually got super-nauseous during the film’s opening scene and ended up walking out. I think the only other time I walked out of a movie was for Role Models. Maybe I’m getting too old, but I just can’t handle this movie anymore!

Spoiler alert: So you don’t buy a ticket if you don’t think you could handle this, or just in case you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what goes on in these movies, I’m going to tell you what I remember from the first scene: two people are locked in cages facing each other. Serial killer Jigsaw comes up on the video screen and tells the pair that they will be cutting flesh off themselves in order to survive. Whoever puts the most of their flesh on the scale in front of them will not die.

One of the people is an overweight man who cuts chunks out of his stomach. The other, a thin woman, chops off her whole arm. Talk about gross.

I thought I was going to get sick. I now realize there really is no point to the Saw movies other than to be voyeurs to bloody, violent images. I feel sick for supporting the disturbing movies at all, and while the concept may have been an interesting one to begin with (how far will you go in order to live?), it’s really just a twisted display of bringing the most vile images possible to the big screen.

Maybe I’m just being uptight. Whatever the case, I won’t be watching any of the Saw movies any time soon.

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