Sassi perfect for a romantic night out

Last night, I went to one of the most romantic, delicious dinners in the Valley ever at Sassi in north Scottsdale. The restaurant is a replica of a Tuscan villa, and though I’ve never been to Italy, the relaxed atmosphere during the multi-course meal reminded me of places I’ve been in Marid.


The huge space has several fire place-filled dining rooms, and there’s also a gorgeous, gigantic patio which overlooks Pinnacle Peak. It’s no wonder it’s a hot spot for wedding rehearsal dinners, and the venue even hosts weddings, too.


I had a couple Limoncello mojitos ($12 each), which tasted so refreshing, like a fancy spiked lemonade. I couldn’t taste the alcohol at all in them, but they still seemed strong.

We started with a Pizza Margarita ($12) with olives on top. It was a big pie and an ample starter, especially with the tasty bread basket accompanied by olive oil. It was a thin, crispy pizza, and the huge chunks of mozzarella were great.

Then we each had La Laconda salads ($10 each), which had goat cheese and organic veggies from local farms. I told my companion I felt like a rabbit eating the salad, since the veggies were so fresh–it was as if they had just been picked.

Then I had Manicotti with Four Italian Cheeses ($16), which was a smaller portion but was mouthwatering with every bite. The handmade pasta tasted incredible, and it was smothered in a tasty tomato sauce.

For dessert, we split a Tartufi ($9), cherry gelato covered in chocolate. The gelato was some of the richest I’ve ever had, and the chocolate shell was thick and melted in your mouth. It went great with the capuccino ($5).

Besides the magnificent meal, I loved Sassi for its excellent service. I never felt rushed, the servers and front-of-house staff were knowledgable and respectful and the atmosphere was ultra-classy.

Currently, the restaurant is offering a three-course meal for $29, as well as a $45 cooking demonstration with Chef Peter DeRuvo, which includes a three-course meal.

I’m sure it’s also spectacular to eat there at sunset with a view of the mountains, so start making Valentine’s Day reservations now.


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