Jalapeño Inferno brings the hotness

This week, I checked out Jalapeño Inferno for the first time.

The nearly 10-year-old Mexican food restaurant has a huge patio,  and the inside was bright, warm and welcoming. I was really impressed with the cheerful service throughout the night, and I always felt taken care of.

The spot has a large margarita selection, and I tried a couple different varieties. The first I had was the Mojitorita, , which tasted more mojito-like than margarita-like, and I loved it because it still had an extra kick to it.


I also ordered the Pinnacle Peak Pomegranate margarita. I definitely tasted a ton of pomegranate flavor, and both drinks weren’t overpowering.


As for the meal, I thought it was interesting the restaurant served two types of chips–thin and thick. The salsa wasn’t as hot as the eatery’s name might imply–it was a good medium heat.


My pal and I tried a vegetarian tamale, which I’ve never had before, and it had a nice fluffy consistency and was smothered in cheese. I am now a huge tamale fan!


I ordered a bean and cheese chimichanga ($11.99), which was so ooey-gooey good. It was a generous portion, but it was so tasty that I finished the whole thing.


Even though it was sort of a hike for me, I’d definitely go back to Jalapeño Inferno for their tasty eats.

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