Leonardo DiCaprio shines in ‘Shutter Island’

I’m a sucker for any movie Leonardo DiCaprio is in. Not only is the ageless actor freaking cute, he also makes excellent film choices, and Shutter Island is no exception.


The Martin Scorsese-directed film stars DiCaprio and the adorable Mark Ruffalo as federal marshals sent to Shutter Island, a place that has a high-security mental institution in which an inmate has escaped.

The investigators get limited assistance from the island staff, and soon things get fishy as the pair is stuck on the island because of a storm. I’ll stop there, because the movie is full of plot twists and turns that will surprise you.


Besides the thrilling story, I also liked Shutter Island for its beautiful cinematography and special effects. The recent roles I’ve seen DiCaprio in haven’t included many special effects, so it’s refreshing to see him in a different type of movie.


And don’t worry if you don’t like scary films–it’s not really frightening or gory, just suspenseful and creepy. It wasn’t uplifting in any sense, but it was definitely captivating throughout.