Lady Gaga invigorates US Airways Center, even if some of the material was old

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I really hate to say this–really, I do–but last night’s Lady Gaga concert at US Airways Center in Phoenix was kind of a disappointment.

I’ve already seen Gagaloo, during a club tour stop in Las Vegas, and because her Monster Ball Tour hit arenas this time around, I was really expecting double the flash, double the excitment, double the fun.

Instead, the sound quality at the concert was horrendous. It was really hard to tell whether Gaga was singing or lip synching (I’m sure she sang live, but I couldn’t make out anything at all), and the band’s instruments were fuzzy. Maybe it’s because I had an upper level seat, or maybe it’s because there was a constant vuvuzela-like buzz due to the crowd cheering, but everything was fuzzy. I’ve seen so many shows at that arena, and while some are crystal clear, this was not one of them–and for $125 for my ticket, I would have liked it to be!

Another sad thing was that Gaga used some of the same video effects I’ve already seen–the girl puking on Gaga, the wild beast during “Teeth,” Gaga in a poofy dress, etc. I would think that you’d want to create a brand new tour 7 months after a show, but that was not the case.

And it was also weird that Gaga even said some of the same things during the show that she did back in Vegas. Once again, she asked the crowd if they thought she was sexy, and once again, she compared herself to Tinkerbell and said she would die if people didn’t clap for her. It was getting sort of old.

What I did like about the show: the length. It was 2 hours long, and she packed in a whopping 19 songs, including one of my favorites, the new “You and I.” The stage set-up was also bigger than before, with a platform that extended out into the floor seat crowd and a platform that raised her over everyone. I didn’t really like some of the sets (the initial street-like set-up looked exactly like something I’ve already seen in Rent), but her costumes were really fabulous, particularly a snowy fairy-like dress and one of her signature 3-D block designs in green.

I also admired her for calling out musicians who boycott Arizona because of immigration law SB 1070. She said that pop stars are ignorant to think they have the power to collapse an economy and should instead be proactive about protesting. As someone who doesn’t support SB 1070, I couldn’t have agreed more with what Gaga said, and I’m glad someone of her stature voiced that opinion.

Despite all my issues with the sound and redunancy, it’s impossible not to have a great time at a Despite all my issues with the sound and redunancy, it’s impossible not to have a great time at a Lady Gaga concert. The dance moves were fun, the costumes were amazing to look at, and the music, even if fuzzy, will get you dancing every time.