Blanco Tacos + Tequila a great way to kick off Arizona Restaurant Week


If you’re an aspiring foodie on a budget, get excited because Arizona Restaurant Week is upon us. It’s a time when dozens of eateries offer three-course meals for the ultra-cheap price of $19, $29 or $39, depending on where you dine. Considering some of the restaurants on the massive list are five-star and can cost $39 per plate, the event is a steal and definitely something to take advantage of. Restaurants I’ve reviewed on my blog which are participating are Aiello’s, Cowboy Ciao, Culinary Dropout, Jalapeño Inferno, Marcella’s Italian Kitchen Sassi, St. Francis, Tarbell’s, The Mission, Trader Vic’s and True Food Kitchen.

Last night, I went to Blanco Tacos + Tequila in Scottsdale with my family for my birthday dinner. This is another one of Sam Fox‘s restaurants, and it serves up modern Mexican fare and featured the $19 three-course meal option. Our party of five all got the special, and it was a ton of food that definitely required to-go boxes throughout the meal.

The atmosphere at Blanco totally didn’t surprise me, considering it’s a Fox eatery. There was the open kitchen, huge hanging lights, centrally located bar and airy feel. It was chic and dimly lit with candlelight, but there were televisions throughout broadcasting football games. It was a great mix of casual and fancy, making it the type of place where it’s perfectly acceptable to go and just down a couple margaritas, or have a fun dinner date.


I started with the Blood Orange Margarita ($9), which you should get with salt even though it’s a little sweet. It was a strong drink, and the sweetness wasn’t overpowering.

For my special meal, I started with the housemade guacamole to go with our tasty chips and spicy salsa, then had cheese enchiladas and finished with a Tres Leche cake. The guacamole was so amazing, other people at the table were also inspired to order it for their starter. I really liked the cheese enchiladas, but, as my mom pointed out, they’re more modern in that they’re not smothered and dripping with cheese. Instead, they’re covered in an interesting creamy ancho sauce. I guess I prefer traditional cheese enchiladas, but there was still a ton of cheese inside the tortillas that made me happy.

The cake was really interesting. Someone compared it to a bread pudding, since it was really crumbly and wet because it was drenched in a milky sauce. I liked it, but it was too rich to finish.

Altogether, I thought the meal was an excellent deal. There are about 15 entrees to choose from on the Arizona Restaurant Week menu, as well as four starters and four desserts, so chances are, there’ll be something to choose from that will interest you. I’m happy I got to go here this week, and I would definitely go back for the lively ambiance and tasty take on Mexican food.

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