‘Easy A’ Gets a D for Hilarity

I had high hopes for Easy A, I really did. I really like Emma Stone, and the fact she’s from Arizona is even better. It also seemed to be a hybrid of Mean Girls and Saved!, two of my favorite movies. Unfortunately, it didn’t even come close to being nearly as good as either of those, and it only made me realize that I should probably lay off the high school comedies for good–especially when the girl starring in it spends most of her time in lingerie, and her BFF is known for her massive cleavage. Maybe it’s because I went to Catholic high school, but, as my pal pointed out, since when do girls get to dress like prostitutes and get away with it??


Stone plays Olive, an unassuming high school girl whose made-up joke of a story about losing her virginity becomes the talk of the school when goody-goody Marianne (Amanda Bynes) overhears in the girls’ bathroom. Let’s pause for a second and contemplate the fact Bynes is 24-years-old, has posed provocatively in Maxim and is still playing a high school student. Weird, huh?

Then Olive decides to pretend to have sex with her gay friend who’s being bullied at school. It’s a sad message the movie conveys, to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to be accepted, but Olive and her pal go for it. Soon, other guys at school–some who have trouble getting lucky, some who are unattractive, etc.–start paying Olive to pretend she’s had sex with them. This nobody suddenly becomes somebody at school, but it’s more of the Hester Prynne type than the popular cheerleader.

There isn’t much noteworthy about the movie. The supporting cast, while they may be great actors, are put into very annoying characters. See Lisa Kudrow, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson. Alyson Michalka, of pop group Aly & AJ, isn’t that great of an actress to begin with, but she’s downright terrible in this movie.

And while Stone is as charming as ever, she can’t make up for the lackluster script. The movie’s riddled with sad portrayals of high school kids, and it comes across as more sad than funny. One lesson you can take from the film: if the school starts to call you slutty, don’t wear corsets and panties around. That’s just plain stupid.