‘127 Hours’ shows off James Franco’s acting chops

By now, you’ve probably already been warned about what goes down in 127 Hours. Hint: it involves James Franco, a dull knife and his arm trapped under a rock.


Don’t let that scare you off from seeing the movie, though. It’s directed by Danny Boyle, who helmed the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, and it’s interesting he chose this simple story as his next project.

Franco plays Aron, an outdoorsy guy who goes hiking solo in  deserted terrain in Utah (the movie is based on a true story). He doesn’t tell anyone where he’s going, so when he falls down a crevice and gets his hand jammed (literally) between a rock and a  hard place, there is no one to help get him out.

Like the title suggests, he spends 127 hours stuck here, living on meager rations of food and water. He does have his video camera to journal with, though, and he documents how he’s feeling throughout the ordeal. Thankfully, there are many moments of humor amid the massive amounts of pain.

The movie relies on Franco’s acting, and he does a wonderful job in the role, making his character likable and someone to root for. Watch out for a Best Actor nomination for him (and I hope he wins!! Can’t wait to see him in a tuxedo, yum.)

Boyle also makes what could be a boring film fun and fast-paced with beautiful cinematography and use of flashbacks. His directing also makes it easy to empathize with Aron and really feel what he’s going through.

And yes, that one scene I mentioned before is very painful to watch, but if you can get through movies such as Saw or other horror films, then it’s bearable. I just closed my eyes most of the time, and it didn’t last too long.

This is a movie that will have a lot buzz come Oscar time, so you should definitely see it now.