‘The Fighter’ shows off Christian Bale in an amazing role

OMG, Christian Bale.


The sometimes angry, always gorgeous actor complete stole the movie in The Fighter, and if he doesn’t win an Oscar for his performance, I’ll be pretty outraged.

He plays Dicky Eklund, a former boxer-turned-cocaine addict who trains his brother, Micky (Mark Wahlberg), whose boxing career takes him to the Welterweight Championship. During his fight preparations, Dicky becomes more immersed in drugs and serves time in jail, while Micky must decide whether to let go of his brother professionally or turn to other people for support in his career.


Wahlberg was actually really likable in this role. I normally don’t care for him as an actor, but he was actually cute and charming and someone you want to root for here.

Bale was unbelievable, though. He stayed in character while filming, and Dicky was probably not the easiest character to play, considering the thick accent and fast talking. Bale’s portrayal of Dicky made him instantly lovable, and every time he was on screen, there was a great energy to the movie.


The plot had a lot of heart, both relating to the relationship between the brothers and also to Micky and Dicky’s relationship to the sport of boxing. It gets very intense but is a pretty amazing story, and it’s worth seeing for Bale’s Oscar-caliber performance alone.

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