The Lodge brings ski town vibe (and dead animals) to Old Town Scottsdale

Since I tried out Aaron May’s fancy bar Mabels’ on Main, I wanted to give another one of his bars and restaurants, The Lodge in Old Town Scottsdale, a try, too.


I can totally get what The Lodge’s appeal is and why it was packed with people on an early Sunday night. It’s a ski lodge in a town with no slopes, and for people who like dead animal decor, it’s perfect. And great news for beer drinkers: it also features 15 beers on tap.

That being said, I have no plans to go there again. I didn’t eat there, and while I’ve heard the spot’s Sasquatch Burger ($16) is a giant sight to behold, like Mabel’s, The Lodge is more a drinking destination than a dining one (at least at nighttime). There were maybe 10 tables throughout the entire tiny venue, so even attempting to get a seat to sit down and eat would be a challenge.

There is a small dining area, complete with a big television, but it’s sort of odd because it is so dark compared to the main bar. It’s as if diners are banished to the blah part of the venue and left to try to make out what they’re eating.

Besides the mediocre dining area, I also wasn’t a fan because of how small the bar area is, too. Because there was no room to sit anywhere in the main bar area, my friend and I went by the fireplace at the main entrance, where there was taxidermy right by the seats.


For how cramped it was, I didn’t see any cocktail waitresses milling around, nor hostesses. It just seemed a little poorly managed to me.

The good news: it’s a place in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale where jeans and T-shirts are totally welcome. At least it’s anĀ  option for people who don’t feel the need to get all glammed out, and the people who were hanging out there were more of the Casey Moore’s crowd than what you’d see in a nightclub.

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