Narcisse Champagne Lounge a fancy new bar at Scottsdale Quarter

It’s sort of hard to give a complete review of a bar or restaurant when the wait staff doesn’t even know the menu themselves. And when you and your friend are handed completely different menus altogether, things get even trickier.

So here goes with my take of Narcisse Champagne Lounge in Scottsdale Quarter in north Scottsdale.


The recently opened bar, which serves small bite plates and desserts, is on the second story of its building, and to get there, the door person has to take you up the elevator, where you’re then let into a tiny dark room that leads to the main bar. They’ve done their best to create a vibe of exclusivity, which I can appreciate because at least it’s done in an innovative way.

The bar is beautiful. There are these giant glass installations that are a cool take on chandeliers, and there are comfy couch-like seats throughout the space, as well as tables and a patio. All the servers (who were also all female) wore sexy bright red dresses, and it reminded me a lot of a spot in Vegas.

The bar’s gimmick is that it houses more than 125 different types of champagne, so the menu is huge. Thankfully, there are many affordable options, with glasses starting at $7. I started out with a glass of a dessert champagne and then had a sparkling. My pal and I got some popcorn along with the champagne, which I thought was cute.


I was disappointed because I really wanted to try one of their tea-infused cocktails for my second drink. But the spot, which also has an extensive tea menu, were out of the tea cocktails. It was pretty disappointing that they’re already running out of cocktails only a couple weeks into business.

And the service itself was pretty horrendous. The wait staff was awkward, coming up to our tables way more than necessary, and our server knew the menu so poorly, she had to go back and forth from our table to the bar maybe six times before she got the order right. I know it can be hard to learn such a huge menu, but you also need to just learn it because it’s your job and you should know the menu well–especially when you’re selling such huge amounts of alcohol.

If it’s supposed to be upscale, the staff should be professional. One of the waitresses who was delivering our food was wearing lacy gloves, which I found to be extremely sketchy sanitation-wise (not to mention unfashionable)–asĀ  a server, you’re constantly washing your hands, so I don’t see how she could have been doing that wearing those gloves.

While the service was disappointing, I really did like the atmosphere, and I liked the menu, too. My friend got “toasts,” which were little mini bruschettas that were only $6 and a nice little snack.


I got a compressed pear salad ($6). It had “traviso” in it, and when I asked the server to explain what that was, she didn’t know but assured me my salad would not have meat in it. It did come with pomegranate seeds, which were not listed on the menu. They’re not my favorite food, but it was a salad unlike anything I’ve ever had, so I once again appreciated the uniqueness.


While I wouldn’t plan on going back to Narcisse for a meal (it’s more of a drinking destination than dining), I would come back to Narcisse to get glammed up and feel fancy while sipping on champagne. And since it’s situated by so much good shopping (H&M and an Apple store are mere feet away), it’s in a great location. And next time I go, hopefully their tea cocktails are in stock.

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