Oakland A’s at Phoenix Municipal Stadium a fun spring training outing

Now that the weather is absolutely freaking gorgeous, and because I really, really love baseball, I was so stoked to check out my first spring training game of the season yesterday. I know I’m a little late to the party, but I’m going to another one next week, so I thought two games at two different stadiums would give me a good taste of spring training this year.


And, lucky me, one of my favorite former Arizona Diamondbacks players, Conor Jackson, is now playing for the Oakland A’s, who I got to see play at their spring training stadium in Phoenix. I’m pretty sure my cheering was the reason Jackson made it on base a couple times, so you’re welcome, Conor.

They crushed the Chicago White Sox in their bout, and the game was a blast to be at. I went with a group of about 20, and our seats right by left field were only $8 each. We were able to cheer for/heckle the White Sox pitchers warming up because we were so close, and that made the game really fun and interactive. The sucky thing about the stadium is that there are no lawn seats, but we had great reserved seats that were so inexpensive, I would probably never buy lawn seats there anyway.


Next week I’m riding my bike to my nearby San Francisco Giants Scottsdale Stadium. It’s within walking distance of Old Town Scottsdale, so I’m excited for another fun day full of baseball and beautiful weather.

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