Drybar at Scottsdale Quarter makes you feel fabulous

There are way too many great things I could say about Drybar at the Scottsdale Quarter.


The newly opened salon is a breath of fresh air that will make you feel like a princess (or prince, since guys are, of course, welcome, too.) The salon specializes in blowouts–that’s simply it. For $35, get one of five different styles, from the stick-straight Manhattan to the volume-heavy Southern Comfort. The cutest little look-book “menu” give you a great idea of each style, and they’re all freaking cute. I got the Cosmopolitan, with loose curls, while my pal Molly opted for the Straight Up, which had a little bit of bounce.


The atmosphere we got our hair done in was so precious. The salon features a bright yellow color scheme with accents of black and white, and all the stylists’ wardrobes fit right in. There were also pictures of pretty iconic ladies on the walls and lots of mirrors to check out your style in. It’s sort of difficult not to smile in a place that looks like sunshine, and Drybar certainly does.

First, we had our hair shampooed and conditioned. For an extra $10, you can add on a 10-minute head massage (called a Floater), which I highly recommend because it’s so worth the splurge.

Then, we picked out our styles and received complimentary drinks–there is champagne, white wine and more. The salon also features an a la carte menu of snacks, plus an array of magazines to read, so there is really nothing else you need.


I also loved the pop music that played–walking into a salon playing Lady Gaga was wonderful. The stylists were amazing and really kind, and Drybar also offers killer membership deals with no strings attached that just save you a lot of money. Ask about them. I can’t wait to go back…let me know if you need a buddy to go with you!


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