‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ at Space 55 shows off variety of Valley talent

One of the most fun events in downtown Phoenix is going on all of June, and you need to make it a point to check it out at least once–seriously! It’s the 7 Minutes in Heaven variety show at one of my favorite Phoenix spots, local community art venue Space 55, which puts on some of the highest quality theatrical performances in the Valley, as well as hosts amazing visual art exhibits.


I’ve been a fan of–and have performed in–7 Minutes in Heaven for years now. Each act in the show gets up to 7 minutes to do whatever the heck they want. Since there are no auditions, not even the theater owners know what’s going to happen, which makes the show that much fun. In the past, I’ve seen a naked magician and improv troupes perform, and I myself have done a storytelling act and performed a sketch.

The show is happening every Saturday in June at 9 p.m., with tickets costing $10. At the first show, the opening act was absolutely amazing. He was a mentalist who called out cards that people throughout the audience were thinking–I had one of the cards and had wavered between choices, and he totally picked mine right out! I was astonished!

There were also musical performances, a sketch, an educational toast to 19th century actor Edwin Booth and a giant dance party with glow sticks to close out the show. The stuff is extremely random and really funny and engaging, and it’s a cool way to see a variety of local artists show off their stuff in bite-sized bits.


And, if you don’t like an act, they only have 7 minutes, so everyone wins.


I was happy to see a packed house at the opening night and hope the event continues to see success. It’s a nice little introduction to some of the cool independent theater happening in the Valley and a heck of a lot of fun. For more info, see www.space55.org.

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