Mix Flagstaff serves up modern concept, atmosphere in downtown Flagstaff

I had the best time when I cooled off in Flagstaff this past 4th of July weekend, hitting up some of my favorite restaurants and shops that have stuck around since I’ve been in college.

My pal Beth invited me to try a new spot that’s only been open for a couple months and is unlike anything else I’ve seen in Flagtaff. She works for Mix, which is located right in Heritage Square a walk away from the hotel I stayed at, Hotel Monte Vista (which is vintage and haunted and oh-so-amazing.)

We grabbed breakfast at Mix, an order-at-the-counter, customize-your-meal eatery. While it serves up a variety of customized soups, wraps, sandwiches and salads for lunch and dinner, brunch included Mix scrambles. You get to choose Egg Beaters, regular eggs or egg whites for your base, then add meats, cheeses and veggies to the scramble. There’s also French toast, roasted potatoes and oatmeal that has standard recipes by the Mix kitchen.

I don’t eat eggs, so I had the thickly cut French toast. It was different from most French toasts I’ve had, in that it consisted of thick cuts from the French baguette–there was a lot of crust in the meal. I loved the hot walnut syrup on top, and it also came with strawberries and the thinly sliced potatoes. While I didn’t try a scramble it did look good–it’d be cool if maybe instead of eggs as the base, you could get diced potatoes for your scramble instead.

While the food was yummy (you also have to try the tasty spa water!), what made Mix stand out was its modern feel in its classic surroundings of downtown Flagstaff. The metal-filled interior gave it an industrial vibe, and the rest of the atmosphere is sleek and bare bones. I wouldn’t want all the downtown Flagstaff restaurants to feel this modern, but it’s nice to have one spot that exudes cool. I imagine it’d be especially popular with students on the run who need a quick meal to go but still want quality ingredients.