‘Spike & Mike’s New Generation Animation Festival’ at FilmBar is an animated delight

If you’re a fan of any type of animated film, you need to head over to downtown Phoenix’s the FilmBar pronto. This week, they’re showing the oh-so-awesome Spike & Mike’s New Generation Animation Festival, featuring 90 minutes of short cartoons geared towards adults.

I thought the selection was awesome, with films from all over the world in a variety of media–drawing, clay, 3-D and more.

The themes were just as diverse, touching on everything from gluttony to a baboon infestation to octopus love (my favorite).

Spike & Mike plays through next Sunday, July 17, and tickets are $5-$7 depending on the day and time. I’ve already raved about FilmBar here, and I really want to go back to check out some of its other offerings, The Robber and Basquiat: Radiant Child. It’s so cool to see really thought-provoking independent movies in a neat setting where you can even drink alcohol as you watch. And if you haven’t been to FilmBar yet, make Spike & Mike your first stop.