Tutti Santi a romantic, friendly spot for tasty homemade Italian cooking

I’ve been told for a long time that Tutti Santi was a must-try for authentic Italian food in a romantic setting, and I finally got to try it this past weekend.

The Phoenix spot on 16th St. (there are five locations) is indeed romantic, since the restaurant is darkly lit with candles on linen-covered tables, with Italian decorative touches in its paintings covering the walls. The restaurant is divided into three parts–a main dining room, a smaller private area and a small bar area. If you mention you’re having a romantic evening, and the place isn’t too busy, they might even put you in the smaller room all by yourself, which is thoughtful.

The service is top-notch. Not only was our server friendly and engaging and made us feel like his main focus, but all the other servers who came to our table were friendly and professional.

We started with the Mozzarella Caprese ($11.95), which had thick hunks of mozzarella and sliced basil atop thickly covered tomatoes, smothered in diced tomatoes. I’ve never had a caprese dish where diced tomatoes were on top, but I love tomatoes, so I definitely didn’t mind! It also came with some spicy peppers and olives, and all the factors complemented each other well.

For my entree, I ordered the Homemade Ravioli alla Nina ($15.95), with ricotta cheese and spinach. I was able to get a combo of the tomato sauce and cheese sauce, and you could really tell the pasta was homemade. It was so delicate and almost melted in your mouth, and the sauces were amazing. I felt like the dish was a little too watery and would have preferred the pasta to have been thicker, but I’d rather have thin homemade pasta over pre-made stuff any day.

My pal got the special, the orange roughy, which looked and smelled amazing. I really wanted to try it even though I don’t eat fish, but the aromas were enough to make me know it was a tasty dish–which he agreed on.

We of course had to try the tiramisu, my favorite dessert ever. There was so much mascarpone cream in the giant piece of dessert, and it was served very traditionally, covered in cocoa powder. The ladyfingers were soaked heavily, and the cream was amazing. It was a really, really good piece of tiramisu.

Besides the scrumptious food, I loved that Tutti Santi had something for everyone, whether you want a romantic date night, an evening out with a big group or just want to chill at the bar and talk with the bartender. No matter what you go there for, it feels warm and friendly.

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