Funky Artwear makes wearable art

I’m always on the look-out for unique fashion styles to try, so I was stoked when Scottsdale-based jeweler Funky Artwear offered me a pair of handmade earrings when I followed their Twitter account. I was excited to receive not just one, but two pairs of earrings, and they’re both super-cute!

The first pair I got was the Hand Wire Wrapped earrings, featuring large silver chunks wrapped in a blue wire with a blue stone accent. They really stand out as bold pieces and have a really unique look to them. You can purchase them here.

My bonus pair was the Dimpled Ice earrings, which I really love for their feminine and classy look. The stones were also heavy, not cheap plastic beads, and I love the length, especially for an up-do. Get them here.

Funky Artwear sells a variety of vintage jewelry, too, plus necklaces and bracelets and hand blown glass pieces. The concept of the site is wearable art, with detailed thought in each design that makes the pieces super-interesting to look at. I’ve received lots of compliments on my earrings, and I like all the brightly colored, affordable pieces featured on the site (they’re all less than $70 for jewelry sets).