‘The Descendants’ a bore, no matter what Oscar says

I was so looking forward to watching The Descendants, I really was. Not that I’m a George Clooney fan–he’s a decent actor, but he’s really not my cup of tea despite being in some great movies. I have just read so many good things about the Oscar Best Picture-nominated film, and watching a movie that is set in Hawaii is fun in itself. Despite the pretty locale and power of Clooney’s name, I wouldn’t recommend the movie to anyone because I felt it was self-indulgent, heartless and boring.

Clooney plays Matt, a wealthy father of two girls whose wife has been in a coma-inducing boating accident in their home of Hawaii. Matt, a lawyer who is more concerned with how his family’s land inheritance is divided up rather than what’s going on in his daughters’ lives, must suddenly take control as the alpha parent now that is wife is immobile. This proves difficult, especially given the older daughter has been sent to boarding school and has a rebellious streak.

To complicate matters further, Matt’s eldest tells him his wife was cheating on him before the accident, making the relationship even more dead than it already was.

You’d think a story like this would provide some opportunities to see some real growth between father and daughters, or give more insight into Matt’s character and just why he doesn’t care at all. Matt sort of reminded me of Clooney’s character in Up in the Air–a guy you don’t know whether to tolerate or loathe, and with no real development of his character, you’re left feeling indifferent.

Don’t let award shows fool you–The Descendants is mediocre and gives audience members nothing and no one to root for. I wish I hadn’t seen the depressing movie at all.

2 thoughts on “‘The Descendants’ a bore, no matter what Oscar says

  1. Got to agree totally with you. My wife and I could not even understand why it was nominated for an Oscar.

    Sorry George, but George Clooney usually plays George Clooney, so I have avoided his movies, but after all the Oscar hype I thought I’d give this movie a chance, but lo, George Clooney played his usual role.

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