Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdale much more than you’d expect from a sausage joint

I definitely wondered what I’d be able to get at Brat Haus when I went to the newly opened Old Town Scottsdale restaurant that has replaced the old Oregano’s location. The dining spot, owned by Chef Payton Curry (formerly of Caffe Boa) and business partner Dave Andrea, doesn’t have their menu listed online, but I figured I’d at least be able to eat some Belgian-style fries if there weren’t any vegetarian options.

Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdale

Thankfully, there were plenty of veggie noms to choose from, including salads, pretzels and a vegan grain brat, which I got and thought was decent, though the mashed consistency was not the meat-like one I would have preferred.

Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdale

I topped it with some great spicy peppers and some of those delicious fries (a small is only $1.75 — get it with the Sriracha Aioli)), and I was really pleased with the price and portion of the meal.

If you’re a meat-eater, you have a lot of choices, in the form of about a dozen types of brats that include exotic types such as rabbit and rattlesnake ($5.75-$8.75), plus burgers. There was also a “guest” brat by local Chef Justin Beckett, with proceeds benefiting charity, which I thought was an awesome idea. And with even more toppings to choose from (aprciot onion chutney, sauerkraut, root beer onions), the combinations really seem endless.

My friend got a chicken brat with the spicy peppers and said it was great. I wish there had been wheat bun options, but overall, I enjoyed my meal.

Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdale

Save room for the Drunken Date Cake dessert ($5), a toffee cake made with dates and served drizzled in caramel. The dessert is a must-have and tasted scrumptiously every bite, and since it’s nothing something I would normally ever order, I was highly impressed.

Brat Haus in Old Town ScottsdaleBrat Haus should also be known for its large selection of American, German and Belgian beers. They have a ton I’ve never even heard of, plus they have my favorite, Lindemans Framboise. My friend got the Sawtooth Ale from Left Hand Brewing Company,

Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdaleand I got a housemade strawberry soda ($4), which was very interesting but not sweet enough for me — I’d probably stick with water over that.

Brat Haus in Old Town ScottsdaleThe atmosphere reminded me of The Vig in Arcadia. There is a huge patio, and I could picture lots of crowds lounging around, especially in the cooler months.

Brat Haus in Old Town ScottsdaleBrat Haus also includes both a bar and fast-service restaurant in separate locations on the property, with the darkly lit bar looking more like a romantic spot than a rowdy one. With the very reasonably priced menu items, I thought the decor was perfect and even chic, considering the menu.

Brat Haus in Old Town ScottsdaleSomething I wasn’t crazy about was the music, with the playlist including everything from *NSYNC to country music. I would have almost preferred some classic German music to the all-over-the-place music we heard — or, at the very least, the DJ-delivered hipster stylings of a place such as Hanny’s. Maybe music isn’t something that means a lot to some diners, but for me, it can affect my whole meal, and I was confused by the musical theme the restaurant was projecting.

I’d still love to go back to Brat Haus soon to try a salad and a pretzel, and I especially can’t wait to revisit their patio in the upcoming fall months.

4 thoughts on “Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdale much more than you’d expect from a sausage joint

  1. I’ve interviewed Payton Curry and was still really interested in checking out the decor and service even if all I could eat was fries and dessert. Thankfully, there was that vegan brat, too!

  2. I went on opening night and was quite impressed with the decor and the atmosphere except for the music which I also found very distracting. The beer brat was perfect with sauerkraut and your choice of mustards. I also got to try a spicy brat with that apricot chutney Nicki mentioned, it was totally delish. There are tons of reasons to got there even if you dont eat meat, the beer list alone is worth it. I found their prices a bit to steep to make it a regular spot me though. I love the bier-garten concept and hope they realize eventually that they should offer pitchers.

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