‘Take This Waltz’ paints a grim picture of relationships

They’re usually not the most uplifting films, but movies about broken relationships always intrigued me — some of my faves are Closer, Match Point and Revolutionary Road. So, I was super-curious to watch Take This Waltz, which is about a woman in a seemingly pretty good relationship who still cheats on her husband. The film stars a couple stellar actors — Michelle Williams, of another one of my fave relationship flicks, Blue Valentine; and Seth Rogen in a new dramatic role. Unfortunately, the script left much to be desired, but it was still an interesting, if disjointed, film.

take this waltz

Margot (Williams) is married to Lou (Rogen). They live a bohemian life in Canada, in a charming town that doesn’t require cars to get around. Margot meets Daniel (Luke Kirby) while away on a business trip, and the two form an instant connection, considering they’re actually across-the-street neighbors. As cracks start to form in her marriage, due to stupid and pointless bickering that really doesn’t seem big enough at all to break up a sacred union, she starts to have an emotional affair with Daniel. There may not be any kissing, but they get drinks together, go for nighttime swims together and hang out in his apartment together, all while Lou is none-the-wiser.

take this waltz

For much of the movie, I was really irritated with Margot’s character. Margot is childish and selfish and lacks a sense of direction in her life, and for most of the film, I was hoping Lou would just find out so he could move on — though Lou’s character wasn’t very attractive or thrilling, either. The last third of the movie is where it gets much better, when Margot really starts to want a relationship with Daniel who is ultra-mysterious but also magnetic. There’s a breathtaking scene towards the end of the movie that will break your heart, and despite the annoyance I felt throughout the film because I felt like Margot was hard to relate to, it almost made the film worth seeing just for that.

The main message I took from Take This Waltz is that the grass isn’t always greener, and that if you have a great thing going, you shouldn’t necessarily throw it away just for passion — it’s key to keep the passion alive in existing relationships, too. See the other films I mentioned before you see Take This Waltz. If you’re into those types of movies, too, you might be able to appreciate Take This Waltz.

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  1. first of all i loved the acting and second of all i loved the costumes and sets! But now i need to say what i think.. The movie made me feel empty and confused after i watched it. If i had a Lou i would be so happy and lucky. The other man made be feel anxious and nervous. He was interesting and mysterious and that’s why i wanted to know more about his character but i didn’t think she would end up with him. Truthfully i thought she was mentally ill or had some type of social issues. I thought she would leave both men.

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