‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’ cute but lacks meaning

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones are two young, popular comedic stars, having made me laugh on shows such as SNL and The Office, respectively. Now you can see the actors unite in Celeste and Jesse Forever, which was also written by Jones and therefore intrigued me even more.


The stars play the title characters, who are going through a divorce but have been friends since high school. Celeste is the responsible one who couldn’t wait for Jesse to grow up in the marriage, yet during the divorce, she still lets him live in the studio connected to her house, they still have a secret handshake, and they still attend double dates together.

Once Jesse decides to have a romantic relationship with another woman, though, Celeste’s world starts to fall apart, as she questions the breakup and her views on love. She may have no problem forecasting trends in her professional life, but when it comes to her personal life, she’s left confused.

The movie has plenty of fun, quirky, laugh-out-loud moments in it, but I was left wanting more meaning from the film. I wanted to get to know the characters, not just the relationship, more. And even though the actors were charming, there wasn’t a big message I took away from the film despite the cuteness. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this one in the theater unless you’re simply looking for some laughs and not much else.

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