7 Minutes in Hell, Ghostfest bring spooky energy to Downtown Phoenix

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Happy early Halloween! I celebrated already this weekend with some cool theater events in downtown Phoenix, including my first-ever Ghostfest at The Torch Theatre and 7 Minutes in Hell at Space 55, one of my favorite variety shows in the Valley.

7 minutes in hell at Space 55First up this past Saturday night was 7 Minutes in Hell, where every performer in the show got 7 minutes to do whatever the heck he or she wanted, with no prior auditions. Obviously, this could make for a hit-or-miss show, but every single 7 Minutes show I’ve seen (and participated in) has had high-quality performers who put a lot of passion into their performances. This week, we got to take in everything from Halloween-themed haikus to a fake game show to some musical performances. The next 7 Minutes show is 7 Minutes Under the Mistletoe, which I’m sure will be highly entertaining, as well. Check out more pics from the show below, and see all of Space 55’s upcoming shows here.
7 minutes in hell at Space 55

7 minutes in hell at Space 55

Next, I headed over to The Torch Theatre for the improv community’s second annual Ghostfest. This 30-hour improv marathon featured 15-minute shows from a variety of performers, and the line-up included a diverse offering of improv formats.

ghostfest the torch theatreThe most interesting show I saw was a Bane-from-Batman-themed performance, where characters such as Bane Austen, Bane Fonda and Bane Goodall came on-stage for a debate. It was highly bizarre but highly entertaining.

The Torch always has something fun coming up. My Level 5 improv classmates have a show there this Friday at 10:30 p.m. For tickets, go here.