‘A Bloody Mary Christmas’ at Space 55 makes the holiday bearable

There’s nothing that says “Christmas spirit” more than three old woman who love drinking alcohol. As someone who hates the holiday season, A Bloody Mary Christmas┬ámusical at Space 55 is actually something merry-themed I can get behind. There may be Christmas decorations all over the stage, but the local, independent production that’s been going strong for 3 years now is sassy fun that even the grumpiest Scrooge can enjoy.

a bloody mary christmas at space 55The play follows three Sun City residents and lady roommates who are expected to be evicted on Christmas Day because they’ve failed to pay their HOA fees. There’s the hyper-sexual lady, the lonely lady with no family and the lady who’s been married more than 10 times but who now considers booze her greatest love. As the trio struggles to come up with their money, they reflect on their lives together and relish what will be their last holiday season living together. Interspersed between the sassy dialogue are cute, original songs (as well as loads of profanity and sex talk.)

It’s wonderful to see a black box theater production still have such great success year after year, and the audience, which contained many senior citizens the opening night I went, laughed out loud throughout and really seemed to enjoy it. It runs through December 15 on Friday and Saturday nights, and tickets cost $15 or $12 when you bring a can of food to donate. For more information, go here.