Treasurefruit, Ninja Betty and the Nunchix make Rogue Bar sexy

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The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale was hit with some girl power this past weekend as lovely ladies from LA Ninja Betty and the Nunchix spread their pop-filled unicorn magic all over the stage.

Ninja Betty and the Nunchix

The synth-heavy group reminded me of the female version of an Adam Lambert show — there were lots of Broadway-style notes belted from talented singer Natalie Ferraro, plus a whole lot of sparkle. Ferraro and her bandmate Bethany Weber both donned oh-so-awesome unicorn outfits while on-stage, and Ferraro passed out glow-in-the-dark props for the audience to wave around during the songs.

It was just as much fun as a show from local band Peachcake, and Ferraro’s vocals sound great recorded, too. For more info on the band, go here.

Local female-fronted group Treasurefruit threw down some funky bluesy tunes, too, and singer/bassist Anamieke Quinn is really impressive with a powerful, soulful voice that got audience members in the groove. Check out videos from their performance below, and for more info on the band, go here.