Yandy.com provides awesome costumes, lingerie

So, I already have my Halloween costume this year, thanks to the generosity of Yandy.com CEO Chad Horstman, whom I profiled here. Thanks, Chad!
Yandy.com Sexy FoxHere’s what the costume looks like on a super-hot model:

Yandy.com Sexy FoxThe Sexy Fox costume is a Yandy.com original and is available here. The site has a huge variety of great costumes, as well as rave wear and lingerie. The best part? They’re based locally here in Phoenix, and everything is only available online — meaning your shopping experience is extremely easy. If something doesn’t fit correctly, returns are easy, and Yandy.com’s customer service team is stellar.

I’ve also ordered panties from Yandy.com, and I love how inexpensive yet sexy they are. If you like switching up your skivvies often, Yandy.com is a great way to go.

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