Federal Pizza in central Phoenix a hipster pizzeria

If you’re a fan of Windsor or Postino and love pizza, just go to Federal Pizza already. The spot is owned by Craig DeMarco’s Upward Projects, too, and it has the same hip vibe all the other restaurants do.

Federal PizzaThe interior actually reminds me a little of Chelsea’s Kitchen, with warm lighting and a homey feel. There’s a bare bones patio facing the street, and the servers tended to be young and have their own style because of the lack of uniforms. The joint is casual — I even went right after teaching a workout class, and no one seemed to care about my grungy attire.

The drink menu is simple, with beers and flavored wine coolers. I got a lavendar raspberry one, which was delivered in an oh-so-cute little jar-like glass. The cooler was refreshing and tasted like flavored Sprite — I’d recommend trying one.

Federal Pizza raspberry lavender wine coolerI started my meal with an appetizer — foolishly, considering just about everyone at my table got individual pizzas, which are way too huge and should be shared! I got vegetarian black bean soup of the day ($3), which was decent but a little bland — I loved the crunchy texture of the soup from the veggies, though.

black bean soup at Federal PizzaFor my pizza, I got a simple cheese pizza with olives ($12), which I could only eat two out of six slices of. The pizza was really crispy, almost burnt on the edges, and it just wasn’t my favorite type of pizza — I much prefer the floppier style of Cibo. Still, it’s nice to have another central Phoenix pizza option, and it’s right across the street from the to-die-for Churn — which alone makes the trip to Federal Pizza worth it.

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