Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Damage’ heartbreaking but beautiful

Wow, I am enamored with Jimmy Eat World’s latest album, “Damage.” The nationally recognized local band represents Arizona wonderfully with their latest effort. You can learn all about the inspiration behind Jimmy Eat World’s “Damage” here.

Jimmy Eat World's "Damage"

Every single song has amazingly meaningful lyrics. The songs — my favorites are “Damage” and “Book of Love” — focus on broken relationships, with singer Jim Adkins lamenting about what seems to be cheating and partnerships that can never regain the momentum they once had. I feel like the lyrics, coupled with, in Jimmy Eat World fashion, extremely catchy hooks, are relatable to anyone. Anyone from your mom to your teenage brother would love this album, it’s that universally applicable.

I’ve found myself listening to this album over and over again, trying to find new meaning in the lyrics. I’m really proud of Jimmy Eat World and am glad they’ve stayed in Arizona during their career. Definitely check out the album — it’s a definite must-listen for any type of music fan.