Wine Warehouse of Scottsdale a must-visit for wine lovers

If you’re a wine fan in the mood to try something new but don’t know where to start, head to Wine Warehouse of Scottsdale in north Scottsdale.

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleThe store/bar opened this month and features dozens of wines and craft beers for any price range and taste.

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleWhat’s coolest about the spot: lounging at the bar is an awesome place where you can sample wine before you throw down to purchase, and the vibe is friendly and relaxing, unlike what you might find if you just go to Trader Joe’s.

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleI went there this week with some friends to try some of their selections, a variety of red and white wine, including a carbonated red called Bellina that tasted so awesome, just like cherry Coke, I took a bottle home with me. At $8.99, it was a steal and a must-try!

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleMonday’s through Friday’s, the Warehouse hosts a happy hour, with $9 wine flights, $2 off wines by the glass, and $3 of create-your-own six-packs of beer.

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleThe coolest deal, though, is you’re always able to create your own 12-pack of wine bottles for only $60 from what’s available at that price point. Like our hosts pointed out, the case would make a great set of holiday presents, with quality selections at only $5 a pop — what a steal!

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleThe bar is also offering up periodic wine tastings, including one Saturday, September 28, from 5-7 p.m., which will include free cheese plates and wine samples. I had some of the Warehouse’s cheese and fruit when I went, and it was delicious.

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleBesides my favorite wine, the Bellafina from Italy, we also tried the Lo Nuevo, a refreshing Spanish white wine; the Viognier, a clean and acidic wine from Northern California; the Drops of Jupiter, a red wine from San Francisco that is actually made by Train guitarist Jimmy Stafford; the robust Mercer Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington; and the smooth Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon from Wente Vineyards.

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleI thought they were all great choices to sample, and I liked all of them. I’m usually not a white wine drinker, but I enjoyed the ones I tasted, especially Lo Nuevo from my dad’s home country.

Wine Warehouse of ScottsdaleWine Warehouse has plans to open a patio with TVs, and I think it’d be a fun yet practical place to visit if you want to have a glass of wine and save money by drinking a bottle at home. It’s not as formal as some wine bars, which can be great for happy hour, and the store’s atmosphere, with fun ceiling hangings such as a cupcake, give it a welcoming feel. Check them out on Facebook at