Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort displays hot fashions

National and local designers came together on the Phoenix Fashion Week runway stage at Talking Stick Resort last night. The night was so much fun, featuring everything from chic shawls, to sexy bikinis, to hot party dresses and even some garb that could fit in at a wedding. There were even live drummers livening up the crowd in-between the DJ sets.

Drummer1Phoenix Fashion Week goes all weekend. Here are some highlights from the show.

First up was Robert Black, whose Fashion by Robert Black store in Old Town Scottsdale features what I would call fancy Western wear. I’ve never really been a fan of cowgirl couture, despite being an Arizona native, but there were several pieces (along with multiple pairs of really fierce shoes) that I really liked.

RobertBlack18 RobertBlack19 RobertBlack17 RobertBlack13 RobertBlack14 RobertBlack15 RobertBlack16 RobertBlack12 RobertBlack11 RobertBlack10 RobertBlack9 RobertBlack5 RobertBlack6 RobertBlack7 RobertBlack8 RobertBlack4 RobertBlack3 RobertBlack2 RobertBlack1Next up was Shawl Dawls, who, you guessed it, specializes in cute cover-ups. Based in San Dimas, California, Shawl Dawls had an interesting aesthetic for the night, outfitting their models in nude underwear to focus on the shawls. The cover-ups were long and flowy and looked ultra-comfy, which is great if you’re in Arizona for the winter, where we don’t need heavy coats.

ShawlDawls7 ShawlDawls6 ShawlDawls2 ShawlDawls3 ShawlDawls4 ShawlDawls5 ShawlDawls1ShawlDawls14 ShawlDawls13 ShawlDawls12 ShawlDawls11 ShawlDawls10 ShawlDawls9 ShawlDawls8Next up was Black Russian Label, a local line I saw a couple years ago at the same event. These garments were covered in zippers and brightly colored. They’re definitely “notice me” pieces for the bold lady.

BlackRussian16 BlackRussian15 BlackRussian14 BlackRussian13 BlackRussian12 BlackRussian11 BlackRussian10 BlackRussian9 BlackRussian8 BlackRussian7 BlackRussian6 BlackRussian5 BlackRussian4 BlackRussian3 BlackRussian2 BlackRussian1Bradon McDonald was the headliner of the show. The Los Angeles-based designer is currently a contestant on Project Runway, and his blue and pink dress, featured below, was my favorite outfit of the night. His designs stood out for their structure and color, and he seems like a really fun, feminine designer.

BradonMcDonald11 BradonMcDonald10 BradonMcDonald9 BradonMcDonald8 BradonMcDonald7 BradonMcDonald6 BradonMcDonald5 BradonMcDonald4 BradonMcDonald3 BradonMcDonald2 BradonMcDonald1After the established designers took the stage, the emerging designers were next. Las Vegas-based Dolcessa has outfitted Kate Upton in Sports Illustrated and has ultra-cute bikinis, which make me want to wear one even though we’ve entered fall.

Dolcessa10 Dolcessa9 Dolcessa8 Dolcessa7 Dolcessa6 Dolcessa5 Dolcessa4Dolcessa4 Dolcessa3 Dolcessa2 Dolcessa1Los Angeles-based Linden was up next, and I could totally picture stylish California gals wearing her clothes. They were funky and casual and had colorful accents.

Linden12 Linden11 Linden10 Linden9 Linden8 Linden7 Linden6 Linden5 Linden4 Linden3 Linden2 Linden1Another Los Angeles line, Loin Cloth, brought some guy power to the stage, with shirts that had cool, unique accents that would definitely make any guy stand out when wearing them. The garments had flair but were also traditional enough to work at the office.

LoinCloth11 LoinCloth10 LoinCloth9 LoinCloth8 LoinCloth7 LoinCloth6 LoinCloth5 LoinCloth4 LoinCloth3 LoinCloth2 LoinCloth1And local line Medium Apparel closed out the show. The line was casual, with T-shirts and sweatshirts with a tough-guy attitude, featuring guns and mantras of “Money, Power, Respect.” I guess I’d call it gangsta chic? I loved the little bear face featured on the outfits — it was cute, yet tough.

MediumApparel6 MediumApparel5 MediumApparel4 MediumApparel3 MediumApparel2 MediumApparel1You can still get tickets to Phoenix Fashion Week here. This is one of my favorite events of the year because it features such great young talent and shows off the fashionable minds Arizona has to offer.