Friday’s Phoenix Fashion Week a fashion lover’s dream

Night two of Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort once again made me salivate in fashion heaven. Night three is tonight — check out the styles from last night below.

Gents is a Los Angeles line that has been featured in GQ and Playboy. The guys’ fashion, also modeled by some ladies in the show, was very classic. Their show also featured some Google Glass, which was cool to finally see in person.













Gents1JHaus was one of my favorite lines so far, with really comfy-looking clothes with edgy twists, such as midriff and back-baring tops. I would have bought any of the clothes — they were all so cute.

JHaus18 JHaus17 JHaus16 JHaus15 JHaus14 JHaus13 JHaus12 JHaus11 JHaus10 JHaus JHaus9 JHaus7 JHaus6 JHaus5 JHaus4 JHaus3 JHaus2 JHaus1Paulie Gibson, from St. Louis, was up next and brought some real flair to menswear, with interestingly shaped sweaters, prints galore and bright pants. The line was unlike anything I’ve seen guys wearing, but for those who love to peacock, this is your line.

PaulieGibson19 PaulieGibson18 PaulieGibson17 PaulieGibson16 PaulieGibson15 PaulieGibson11 PaulieGibson10 PaulieGibson9 PaulieGibson PaulieGibson7 PaulieGibson6 PaulieGibson5 PaulieGibson4 PaulieGibson3 PaulieGibson2 PaulieGibson1Bri Seeley, from Los Angeles, took my friend’s and my breath away with her ultra-feminine looks. She calls her fashion contemporary vintage, and I’d say that’s an accurate term to describe it, and really romantic. Many of the tops were too sheer to wear to work, but there were a ton of pieces I’d die to have in my closet.

BriSeeley18 BriSeeley17 BriSeeley16 BriSeeley15 BriSeeley14 BriSeeley13 BriSeeley12 BriSeeley11 BriSeeley10 BriSeeley9 BriSeeley BriSeeley8 BriSeeley7 BriSeeley6 BriSeeley5 BriSeeley4 BriSeeley3 BriSeeley2 BriSeeley1Dallas-based D.P.C. was up next. Her looks were also very pretty, like dresses you’d wear to a tea party. Also, she used a lot of yellow, which is a really cool and unique color to incorporate in a fashion show.

D.P.C.9 D.P.C.8 D.P.C.7 D.P.C.6 D.P.C. D.P.C.5 D.P.C.4 D.P.C.3 D.P.C.2 D.P.C.1I really enjoyed the Herbert Victoria show, which featured really cool prints I’d imagine would be perfect in a safari setting. The San Francisco-based designer had a strong point of view, which I really appreciated.

Herbert Victoria15 Herbert Victoria14 Herbert Victoria12 Herbert Victoria13 Herbert Victoria11 Herbert Victoria10 Herbert Victoria9 Herbert Victoria8 Herbert Victoria7 Herbert Victoria6 Herbert Victoria5 Herbert Victoria4 Herbert Victoria3 Herbert Victoria2 Herbert Victoria1Proverbs by Efua, whose creator Efua Mensah-Brown lives in Dubai, was next. Her clothes were really cute, but what’s even cooler about her line is that she donates 20% of her profits to The A21 Campaign to stop human trafficking. I always love supporting businesses with great causes.

Proverbs by Efua10 Proverbs by Efua9 Proverbs by Efua Proverbs by Efua8 Proverbs by Efua7 Proverbs by Efua6 Proverbs by Efua5 Proverbs by Efua4 Proverbs by Efua3 Proverbs by Efua2 Proverbs by Efua1And finally, New York-based Stephanie Gentry closed out the show. Her clothes made me think of what fairies and genies would wear — really flowy fabrics, and really interesting to look at. Her garments definitely looked comfortable.

Stephanie Gentry9 Stephanie Gentry8 Stephanie Gentry7 Stephanie Gentry6 Stephanie Gentry5 Stephanie Gentry4 Stephanie Gentry3 Stephanie Gentry2 Stephanie Gentry1For more information on Phoenix Fashion Week, now in its 9th year, go here.