‘Dallas Buyers Club’ a good movie…if you like needles

Watch a trailer for Dallas Buyers Club, and you’ll probably be intrigued. Matthew McConaughey looks super-intense and skinny, Jared Leto is in drag, and a gripping soul song sets the mood in the background. That’s about it — and it might be enough to pique your interest, though I wish I had done my research before I saw it.

Dallas Buyers Club

That’s because the movie featured a ton of needles, as it was about alternative AIDS medications — not great if you’re like me and get queasy from the sight of needles. McConaughey stars as Ron, an AIDS patient who smuggles and disperses anti-viral medication to others with AIDS. He finds an ally in Rayon (Leto), and Jennifer Garner boringly (like always) plays his doctor.

The most remarkable thing about the movie to me was the physical transformations of McConaughey and Leto. I’m a longtime Leto fan (especially of his band 30 Seconds to Mars), so here’s hoping he gets an Oscar nomination for playing a transgendered woman — and losing 30 pounds in the process. McConaughey lost about 40 pounds for his own role, with both actors showing off a ton of dedication for their crafts.

That’s most of what I remember from the movie, though, since it was difficult to watch most of it with the needles and whatnot. I didn’t relate to any of the characters, which made it difficult to empathize and become more invested in the plot. Just don’t do what I did, and go see the movie blindly — get some other opinions before you spend your time and money seeing it. Learn more about the film here.