Harper and the Moths puts on amazing show at Yucca Tap Room (VIDEO)

Wow — see Harper and the Moths, and you’ll be left wishing every show that intimate felt that invigorating. I’ve seen them twice now, at Pub Rock Live and at Friday’s Yucca Tap Room show, and both times, I wished the sets had never ended.

Harper and the MothsThe music is uber-catchy rock that’s delivered by a powerful, soulful voice in singer/songwriter Harper Lines. Lines wrote the songs for the band’sĀ album, Love Songs for the Damned, The Postal Service-style with guitarist Shaun Schulman while Lines was living in Seattle. It’s a cool way to write a record, and the result turned out better than you might imagine when the collaborators aren’t in the same room together.

Live, the duo, along with bassist David Campbell and drummer Nick Ramirez (who, with Schulman, are Phoenix-based,) bring a lot of energy to the stage. See them in a small bar, and you’ll be lucky. They’re already planning a small spring tour along the West coast and definitely have potential to gain ground beyond the Arizona scene.

Check out a video of one of my favorite songs of theirs, “Into the Ocean,” below, and check out the band here.