Joyride Taco House spices up Central Phoenix

I’m so thankful Upward Projects – the restaurant-building brand that brought the Valley favorites such as Postino, Windsor and Federal Pizza (read about founder Craig DeMarco here on Phoenix People) – finally opened a Mexican food joint with their Gilbert spot Joyride Taco House. The Central Phoenix version debuted last month, and I went there recently to sit on the colorful expansive patio in this gorgeous Valley weather.

Craig DeMarco

The décor and menu at Phoenix’s Joyride is the same as the Gilbert location. I love Joyride’s chips and salsa. The salsa is the perfect level of spiciness, while the chips are thin. They’re the perfect way to start your meal.

At both locations, I ordered the Veggie and Goat Cheese Enchiladas ($9) – they were just so darn good the first time! They come smothered in both red ancho chile and salsa verde sauce and are bursting with that delicious goat cheese.

Joyride Taco House veggie and goat cheese enchiladas

It’s a really massive entrée, but I still ordered a side of rice ($3) and black beans ($3) – am I the only one who thinks rice and beans need to complement every Mexican meal?

Joyride Taco House rice and black beans

That is actually probably the one thing I would change here: make the entrée portions smaller (for example, one enchilada was plenty for me), and add rice and beans to meals. As it is now, I received two complete meals with what I ordered – at only $15, that’s not bad, either.

For more information on Joyride Taco House, go here.