‘Last Comic Standing’ Live Tour brings Joe Machi amazing-ness

I am not a huge fan of reality shows, but I got sucked in to this season of Last Comic Standing. I’ve always loved stand-up comedy, so in terms of vapidness, this is one of the better reality shows out there, I suppose. Host J.B. Smoove and the cast of mentors, including Wanda Sykes and Jay Leno, were entertaining in addition to the comics. I got to see the top five finalists live for the Last Comic Standing Live Tour last night at Mesa Arts Center.

Lachlan Patterson at 'Last Comic Standing' Live Tour

While each comic on the show decently held their own, there were two stand-outs: the winner, Rod Man, and my absolute favorite, Joe Machi. It’s challenging to be entertained by comedy when you’re watching it through a screen, and you aren’t surrounded by people laughing right beside you, but Joe was hysterical every time he appeared on the show.

Joe Machi at the 'Last Comic Standing' Live Tour

Machi reminds me of a little of the restaurant mascot Big Boy, just much, much paler. He’s totally shy and awkward off stage, but on stage, he tells really shocking jokes. Given the TV show only featured appropriate-for-TV-audiences comedy, that he could get away with some of the material he did was awesome. For example, one of his jokes involves Thomas Jefferson and Barack Obama – you take it from here.

I love Machi’s deadpan sense of humor and am highly anticipating when he comes for a solo show, but I got a taste of his non-PG material at last night’s show. The top five comics from the show – also including Lachlan Patterson, Nikki Carr and Rocky Laporte – each had about a 20-minute set. Seeing the comics live and uncensored was 100 times funnier than watching the TV show, since they didn’t have to hold back at all and could really be themselves.

Rod Man of the 'Last Comic Standing' Live Tour

I was highly impressed with opener Nikki Carr, who did a hysterical bit about male anatomy and really let loose. Her R-rated material made her a standout in the night, and I was really glad I got to see her excel with edgy material.

Rocky, Lachlan and Rod Man were all on par with how they performed on the TV show, but Joe was, of course, my absolute favorite. It was notable of the five, he came out to the most applause, and I was so excited to “woo” and cheer him on – which he thrillingly responded to.

I loved that most of the comics brought mostly new material to their sets, showing off a refreshing new side viewers hadn’t seen before. Going to the live show is definitely worth it for both fans of the show and comedy lovers in general.

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