Singapore has everything you could want in a vacation

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I was recently privileged to visit Singapore for the first time. It’s about an eight-hour plane flight from Sydney, Australia, and was so incredibly fun. I stayed in Sentosa, which has basically all the entertainment you could want in one centralized location: an aquarium, a Universal Studios theme park, zip lining, beaches, a giant “merlion” you can walk up, tons of restaurants, a casino and so much more.

Singapore Nicki Escudero

I loved taking the sky tram to get everywhere (plus, the island is great for gaining steps for your Fitbit.) The tram was a wild ride that had me screaming the first time I went up, but I quickly got used to floating in the sky, especially with the amazing view.


The first day, I wandered around without a plan, found a sky tram and hopped on. I inadvertently took one that took me away from Sentosa to Mount Faber, but it was delightful because I stumbled upon a gorgeous hike in an area populated by wild monkeys. Sadly, I didn’t see any monkeys, but there were tons of butterflies and beautiful birds.


That night was dinner at a Palm Beach Seafood in the city, which is famous for its spicy chili crab. It was so incredibly sad to see live marine life crawling up the sides of tanks trying to escape their fate, but if seafood is your thing, I heard the crab was great. I had the noodles, bread and veggies, which were good.
Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant Singapore

The restaurant was across the street from the Marina Bay Sands, which puts on a stunning laser light show at night, which beats anything you’d see in Vegas.

Marina Bay Sands laser light show Singapore Nicki Escudero

I’m a huge baby when it comes to going into cold water, so I was thrilled the water at Sentosa Beach in March was warm enough to swim in. It was so cool to walk to the southernmost point in Asia from Sentosa, too. The bridge you take to get their wobbles, which adds to the excitement.

Southernmost point in Asia Singapore

Back to that giant Merlion. You’ll find the Merlion symbol all over Singapore, as it represents good luck. You can head to the top of the 10-story creature on Sentosa after you watch a video about the merlion’s history. I accidentally walked all the way up after seeing an open-door instead of taking the lifts. The views are just as great in the sky tram, but it’s a fun activity for kids, for sure.

Merlion Singapore

Exit the Merlion, and you’ll encounter a gorgeous orchid garden. I really loved the inclusion of both city skyscrapers and beautiful nature-filled spots in Singapore. Whatever you’re into, including luxury shopping, the country has it.

Orchid garden Singapore

Going to Little India, Chinatown and the Singapore markets away from Sentosa was really fun. The homemade wares and fashion were so fun to peruse, and they’re great places to score affordable souvenirs.

Chinatown Singapore Little India Singapore

I loved all the water sights, friendly people and fun things to do and see in Singapore. Everywhere you turned, there was something interesting to see. I’d recommend it as an Asian destination, for sure.