Strawberry Hedgehog Beauty Detox 101 workshop teaches why loving your skin is important

Your skin is your largest organ, and accordingly, what you put on your body is just as important as what you put inside it. That was one of the biggest lessons I learned at Tracy Perkins‘ Beauty Detox 101 workshop at Strawberry Hedgehog natural body care shop in Phoenix this past weekend. The workshop provided lots of valuable advice when it came to being aware of the toxins your body ingests through products, with informative sessions covering ingredients to avoid and beauty myths to squash.

Tracy Perkins of Strawberry HedgehogAs founder of Strawberry Hedgehog, which includes soaps, body butter and deodorant, Perkins is highly knowledgeable about the value of vegan beauty products — learn more about Perkins here on Phoenix People. Perkins used to work at a major beauty brand before getting sick from their products. Now she creates her own adorable goodies, using natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or toxins. I’m a huge fan of her line, which you can learn more about here.

Besides getting to know ingredients to avoid on labels (fragrance is a HUGE one), workshop participants were also treated to delicious vegan eats and tea, and we even made our own facial and body scrubs using essential oils. The two-hour workshop was so much fun, and we left with a ton of recipes to continue healthy beauty rituals at home.

Strawberry Hedgehog Strawberry HedgehogPerkins regularly hosts workshops on a variety of topics, and you can learn all about them here. Her next one, Saturday, April 18, is Essential Oil First Aid and costs $40 — get tickets here.

Strawberry Hedgehog natural, vegan beauty products will make your nose happy

If you want eco-conscious beauty products and love to support local businesses, check out Strawberry Hedgehog. Now.

Strawberry Hedgehog

The local soap, facial mist, body cream, beard oil and deodorant line uses natural, vegan ingredients to create heavenly smelling offerings, which are cruelty-free. It was founded in 2007 by charming local lady Tracy Perkins and is sold in Whole Foods stores around Arizona, as well as online and in shops around the Valley and in California.

After a recent visit with Tracy, I took home a bag full of goodies I’m sort of addicted to smelling. The packaging is also adorable, and the soaps are really pretty – like extra decorations for your bathroom.

I’m absolutely in love with the Tea Tree-Rosemary Face bar, $9, with organic coconut oils, organic palm oil and natural herbs, spices and minerals. It’s ideal for oily to combination skin, promoting antioxidant activity and includes invigorating peppermint and gentle exfoliating qualities. It smells amazing – probably the best thing to cover your face with on the daily – and really leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Tea Tree Rosemary clarifying facial soap Strawberry Hedgehog

I got two soaps – some Blueberry Lavender, $8, which is one of Tracy’s most popular brands, and a Lavender Vanilla, $8, which has two of my favorite scents.

Blueberry Lavender Strawberry Hedgehog

Lavender Vanilla Strawberry Hedgehog

They’re both made with organic coconut oils, palm oils, herbs and minerals, and they work up great lathers that will make you never want to stop washing your hands.

I also was treated to a Hydrating Mist, $10, a refreshing spray that is good for setting mineral makeup or to just cool off and add some antioxidant-filled ingredients to your precious pores. It contains tea, organic aloe vera and essential oils, and instead of leaving you oily, it helps to balance your hydration levels so you don’t overproduce oil to compensate for dryness. As someone with oily skin, trust me, I love this mist!

Hydrating Mists Strawberry Hedgehog

One of the coolest things about Strawberry Hedgehog is that there are “Soap Clubs” offered. Because the soaps are all made from vegan ingredients, they have a shorter shelf life than artificial stuff, so it’s best to get them in smaller quantities. With the Soap Club, you get a unique new scent each month, and each bar lasts one person who uses it for daily showering about a month. The club starts at $30 for three months, which includes all shipping and handling. You’re saving money on three bars, and you get access to seasonal or special scents. What a cool gift idea! The more you purchase, the higher the discount.

Tracy also hosts monthly workshops on the third Thursday of every month. Thursday, June 19 will be a class on aromatherapy, and you can keep up-to-date on all the Strawberry Hedgehog happenings on the Facebook page.

Find out more about Strawberry Hedgehog, and make purchases, here.

Nail bar terés offers great nail membership deal

Nail salons should be relaxing, comfortable and great-smelling. Scottsdale’s terés nail bar fits all that criteria, allowing customizable pampering experiences for hands and feet.

teres nail bar in Scottsdale

Walk into the nail bar, and it sort of looks like an apothecary’s station, with soothing scrubs and potions made with local ingredients neatly organized behind the manicure bar.

teres nail bar in Scottsdale

A feminine movie will be playing silently on the screen, and the medium lighting instantly relaxes you – unlike bright salons that give off a sterile vibe.

teres nail bar in Scottsdale

I got a spa pedicure ($28) during my visit, with a sugar scrub added on. My nail technician, the friendly and knowledgeable Allison, trimmed and filed my nails before sloughing off my soles, creating a smooth canvas for the polish. She then added the brown sugar scrub ($6), with natural fatty acids to keep skin smooth.

teres nail bar in Scottsdale

Each “luxury” you add on to your pedicure, such as paraffin dips and masques, include aromatherapy and are finished with hot towels. I chose the “Stress Relief” therapy, with lavender and chamomile. The scent was potent and definitely ahhhh-inducing.

Be sure to “check in” to the salon on Facebook, Twitter or Yelp while you’re there, since you’ll score a free whipped shea butter finish to your mani or pedi, normally $3.

I like the membership aspect to terés, which is free and simply transfers what you pay in membership to your next service. It’s $25 a month and gives a discount on all services. If you know you’re a once-a-month mani/pedi person, the membership is well worth it because of the discounts.

The nail bar features upgrades such as glitter, gel and hot stone massages. I liked the professionalism and tranquil atmosphere, and my pedicure looks great. For more info on terés, go here.

Scottsdale Beauty Bar offers blowouts for a steal

I love salons where the owners seem to actually care about you, which is why I had a wonderful experience when I checked out the Scottsdale Beauty Bar recently after being invited for a blowout. Owner Becca Smith took care of my locks, and her passion and genuine caring for her clients was evident by the great service I received and personable banter that included making sure I was satisfied with how every strand turned out.

Becca, an ambitious young business owner who has opened several salons in the Valley, aims to make the Scottsdale Beauty Bar a one-stop shop for all things fabulous, with full hair services including color and cuts, a nail bar and tanning. The salon is cute and cozy, and the complimentary champagne you can sip while you’re indulged is a nice touch.

Scottsdale Beauty Bar

Scottsdale Beauty Bar

Scottsdale Beauty Bar

What stood out to me most about the spot is the killer “happy hour” deal – blowouts for only $20 every day the salon is open (it’s only closed Sunday’s), from 4-7 p.m. Considering the salon is within walking distance of some of Old Town Scottsdale’s busiest nightclubs, including Maya Day + Nightclub, that is one smoking deal. It’s a great excuse to grab a girlfriend, unwind, and get a sleek and sexy hairdo before cocktails or a night on the town.

You can also get braids and extensions at Scottsdale Beauty Bar, and judging from Becca’s beautiful, long hair that looked completely natural but included locks from the extension brand she uses on clients, I’d say the salon is a good spot to try.

Becca said she hopes to expand her offerings but wants to grow at a pace where she doesn’t sacrifice service – if only all Valley salons had the same mentality.

Learn more about Scottsdale Beauty Bar here.