The Axis of Awesome is a magical concert experience

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Ah, I feel so privileged to have seen and met Australian comedy band The Axis of Awesome last weekend, part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, at The Concourse in Chatswood.

The Axis of Awesome Nicki Escudero

The trio writes hysterical riffs on cover songs and original tunes that get audiences singing along and laughing all at the same time. Perhaps you’ve heard the band’s amazing “4 Chords,” which samples dozens of popular songs and shows listeners most of them use the same four chords that allow the covers to seamlessly blend into each other.

The concert started with a bang of an intro, announcing singer Jordan Raskopoulos’ public transition from male to female this year. The opening bit focused on the “elephant in the room” — the fact guitarist/singer Lee Naimo is now bald — and was a perfect way to show fans the band is happier than ever. Jordan is charming, beautiful and brave, and I’m ecstatic another prominent person in the entertainment industry has chosen to live their truth proudly.

One of my favorite songs the band played was “Birdplane,” a parody of Five for Fighting’s “Superman.” The Axis of Evil version turns a dull song into an epic track, which is why the band is so amazing.

I loved the show closer, a song that summed up the EDM genre, by repeating the same dozen or so words over and over again laid on top of a thumping beat with some fist-pumping dance moves. They also played “Ode to KFC,” a song about the American fast food chain KFC.

While they didn’t play the oh-so-hysterical “Rage of Thrones,” you can always listen to it here.

The band has a new album out, Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas, on iTunes here. Learn more about the band here, and definitely check them out next time they’re in your area.