Buffalo Dining Club in Darlinghurst, Sydney, has cacio e pepe amazingness

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Have you ever had your pasta twirled in a giant wheel of cheese before it hits your plate? It’s called cacio e pepe, it’s at Buffalo Dining Club in Darlinghurst in Sydney, Australia, and it’s heavenly.

Buffalo Dining Club Sydney Australia

I was first alerted to this momentous dining experience by an American friend who sent me a video of the action.

I went to try it on a Saturday night. The spot doesn’t take reservations, except for parties of seven or more and on the last Sunday of every month, and it was already packed with a two-hour wait by the time I walked up. With timely obligations, I had to leave but vowed to come back again.

It turns out, Buffalo Dining Club is a perfect place to visit for lunch on a Wednesday, around 12:30 p.m. There were plenty of seats, though be warned much of it is communal in this hip restaurant that seats around 50 people altogether.

Buffalo Dining Club Sydney Australia

If you’re a twosome on the patio, chances are good you’ll be rubbing elbows with your neighbor, and a substantial long table takes up much of the space in the dining room.

Cheese lovers will adore Buffalo Dining Club, which imports mozzarella from Italy and has an amazing burrata appetizer ($22 AUD). The giant hunk is melt-in-your-mouth goodness with every bite.

Buffalo Dining Club Sydney Australia

The cacio e pepe ($20), or spaghetti with salt, pepper, olive oil and parsley twirled in a massive wheel of pecorino cheese, is gooey and flavour-packed. The show is even better, as a server flashily spins the pasta for amazed eyes.

The gnocchi ($20) is also top-notch, delightful pillows of buffalo ricotta dough with napolitana sauce. Getting the items mentioned and sharing makes for a perfect meal for two.

Buffalo Dining Club Sydney Australia

The restaurant has an extensive selection of wine to pair with your Italian meal, plus strong and tasty handcrafted cocktails made with fresh ingredients.

Buffalo Dining Club Sydney Australia Buffalo Dining Club Sydney Australia

The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is bustling, and the food is delicious. As raved about online and having garnered attention worldwide, Buffalo Dining Club is a worthy dining destination. Learn more here.

La Pesa Trattoria a cozy Italian spot in Darlinghurst, Sydney

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La Pesa Trattoria is a lovely Italian restaurant in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia, with a diverse menu of tapas and mains, perfect for lingering over while sipping a bottle of wine.

La Pesa Trattoria Sydney Darlinghurst

The space is simple and relaxed, with a small main bar anchoring the front room and a larger dining room on the other side. Great for romantic dates for couples or for larger party celebrations, the restaurant offers a cozy, neighborhood feel with stellar attentive service.

La Pesa Trattoria Sydney Darlinghurst

La Pesa Trattoria Sydney Darlinghurst La Pesa Trattoria Sydney Darlinghurst

I had a tapas feast there recently, noshing on mostly cheese-filled plates that made me happy. La Pesa Trattoria’s tapas selections include Italian Salumi ($13 AUD), Hot Speck and Mozzarella Bites ($12) and Pork Hock Terrine ($15), with items like Focaccia Barese ($10) and Olives with homemade Grissini ($11) to satisfy vegetarian palates. Mains include pastas, veal and salads, all traditional Milanese recipes with an updated twist.

My meal started with the Gnocco Fritto Bowl ($8), fried bits of Italian bread paired with a cheese fondue. The cheese was flavorful and had a perfectly melty consistency, and the bread reminded me of a sopapilla-turned-savory. I loved the dish.

La Pesa Trattoria Gnocco Fritto

The Burrata Mousse ($15), a creamy mozzarella mousse with basil, croutons, confit cherry tomato and grated bottarga, was unlike anything I’d ever had. A creation of the restaurant’s chef, it was ultra-creamy and a tasty take on traditional burrata caprese.

La Pesa Trattoria Burrata mousse

Taking a break from the tasty cheeses, next up was the Rustic Wedges ($9), hand-cut potatoes with burned parmesan and truffle essence. The potatoes were ultra-filing, and I could definitely taste the truffle, which elevated their flavor.

La Pesa Trattoria Rustic WedgesThe Tomino Cheese and Figs ($15), which came with walnuts, balsamic glaze and crostini, was another gooey cheese creation that I loved for its sweet and savory melding. The walnuts were a great touch that added crunch and another flavor layer, and every element in the dish worked perfectly.

La Pesa Trattoria Tomino cheese and figs

The Cheese Board ($14) to finish the meal was a perfect ending because it had more sweet components. The gorgonzola, pecorino and taleggio cheeses were all high-quality, and paired with a spicy plum jam, crostini, olive oil and more walnuts, it would be both a great appetizer option or dessert.

La Pesa Trattoria Cheese board

If you head to La Pesa Trattoria, I’d definitely recommend going the tapas route and trying lots of the delectable bites the restaurant has to offer. You won’t go wrong with any of the cheese dishes, and the Burrata Mousse was an enjoyably innovative stand-out.

For more informationon La Pesa Trattoria, head here.