‘The Reef (Revisited)’ melds surf, film and orchestra music

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Last night, I took in The Reef (Revisited) at City Recital Hall, a presentation blending classical and contemporary orchestra music by Australian Chamber Orchestra, film footage of surfing and wildlife, and the singing of everything from music by Alice in Chains to island-inspired tunes. The production that debuted in 2012 had some new additions in its 2016 edition, which was performed for one night only in Sydney and that is heading on a North American tour.

The Reef Revisited Sydney City Recital Hall 2

The show started with the short film Surfing Underground, about 30 minutes, by filmmaker Tim Bonython. The movie captured surfing escapades in some of the world’s most gorgeous waters, including Tasmania. The waves the surfers were navigating were majestic and breathtaking, and it was so neat to see footage of them so up close underneath mammoth bodies of water. The tricks and skill of the surfers were impressive, but watching the wipeouts was just as awe-inspiring.

The Reef Revisited Sydney City Recital Hall

I love the idea of enhancing orchestra music with additional visual stimulation such as video. It’s something I’ve seen executed successfully time after time by Arizona Pro Arte, and it was so cool to see it on such a grand scale here in Sydney in a beautiful theater holding 1,200 people.

Sydney City Recital Hall

If you have a chance to see it, The Reef (Revisited)‘s film’s mysterious storyline is definitely unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and it’s a neat opportunity to witness some of the world’s best surfers battling the world’s biggest waves.

For more information on The Reef (Revisited), head here.