The Art of Cadencia brings flamenco and tango to The Basement in Sydney

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Last night, The Art of Cadencia put on a beautiful show featuring live music, including lyrics sung in Spanish, and flamenco and tango dancing in an intimate setting. The Basement in Sydney, Australia, last night delightfully felt just like Madrid.

Art of Cadencia The Basement Sydney

The show featured singer Angela Rosero, multi-instrumentalist Byron Mark, talent from Dance Tango and much, much more.

My favorite part was the flamenco. The passion was amazing and reminded me of what you’d see in Spain.

The show was about two hours long with an intermission, and everything from the musical flair to the dedication of the dancers was impressive. I’m absolutely wowed by the fact this is only The Art of Cadencia’s first show in 2016, after a successful debut at the Sydney Sacred Music Festival last year. Founder Anna Griffiths says the company is looking to do more productions in the future, and I sincerely hope The Art of Cadencia continues to bring high-quality flamenco and tango to music lovers across Sydney.